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Snow is upon us! 12/01/2009

Today is Monday, but I hear Wednesday it might snow!?!?!?  I am mostly excited because it will be cold and it definitely signals that it’s CHRISTMAS TIME!  My favorite time of the year.  This also means that I will be spending a month at home.  I’m really hoping it turns out ok.  The more and more I think about how much money I’m spending, the more and more I’m actually enjoying the thought of home.  As of right now, I’m poor.  yay. NOT!  So, it would be nice to have this money that I’m spending!!  Maybe what I could do is still pay rent, but just to Mom.  Maybe it would make it simpler for her and make it more like me being an adult.  Maybe I’ll bring that up with Mom and see how that goes.  But I’d have to pay her less than now, or I’d still be in the same boat!! hahaha!  Maybe like $200 or $250 (this is also to include insurance).  I’m not sure if she’s really saving any money from me not being there, but at least maybe it would be easier.  But, this would also allow me to put some money back for future plans.

So, I’m really looking forward to my two checks this week!!!!  I need them!!!  It’s Christmas time and I love to give, so I neeeed money!!!  I think, though, due to financial issues, I will be limited on what I can buy and who I can buy for.  I guess I’ll buy for the obvious, MOM, DAD, SCOTT, GARRISON and a new one: we’re drawing names on Mom’s side of the family so that’s another $25.  Oh, and I signed up for Secret Santa at work so I need to buy for that.  And I also have to take a white elephant gift to the Christmas party. DANG! I’m going to be poor by the end of this.  At least I’m getting hours in January, and hopefully during HIP!  Right now, I’m only working 9 days this month.  That’s both Six Flags and Cowboys! 😦

I guess this blog is mostly about money! lame.



Happy Another Day in the Workforce 11/26/2009

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for most people, but for me, it’s just another day of working.  I guess it’s alright, but it still stinks that I have to work on a NATIONAL HOLIDAY!  Why do the Cowboys play on that day?  I mean, really, on Thanksgiving!?  Thank goodness they don’t play on Christmas, or I’d be out of a job.  That day is WAY more important to me than an actual job, believe it or not.

But since it is Christmas time, officially, for me!  I have plenty of things to occupy my time now!  Next week, we will be making the purchase of the year!!!!: THE TREEEEE!!!!!!!!  I suppose this year we must choose between a flocked and a not…flocked.  *Shudders*  I love flocked trees…the mess is less.  Well, we’ll just have to battle it out.

What am I thankful for?

The fact that I have NOTHING to ask for for Christmas.  I am truly blessed in the sense that I have no need for anything.  The things that I WANT are of course way too expensive to ask anyone to purchase for me.  I’m completely satisfied.  The only thing I would wish for is to be able to live at home happily so that I can save money.  I would literally have saved $7,000.  It’s so expensive to live on my own, but I do enjoy it much better than living at home, unfortunately.  I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes this next month and a half.  I have to weigh my happiness against my need for money.  I’m doing fine on money, just so you know, I just could be doing BETTER!  That’s probably going to be the biggest issue between Garrison and I.  We hate spending money.  It’s silly, but I guess it’s just in our genes to be rich.  hahahahahaha!  I can’t wait to live poor with him.  I love him.


On that note:  Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating tomorrow, goodnight!

IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK AT LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS!!! EVERYWHERE WE GO!!! da da dad adadad dad adad dada (this is how Dad and I finish the song, because we can’t remember the words)


Early Thanksgiving 11/24/2009

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Today, I went to my grandparents to cook our early thanksgiving dinner that’s tomorrow.  I guess I didn’t really “cook” it.  I just prepared it.  This is about my 3rd year (maybe 4th, can’t remember) to cook Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner.  I make 5 pies, watergate salad, sweet potato casserole, broccoli rice casserole, and cranberry sauce the day before.  Then, the next day I’ll make green beans, rolls, and prepare the appetizer.  Anyway, it takes about 4-5 hours for me to prepare everything because those stinkin pies take forever to make.  However, at least I got a free dinner out of it.  But of course, there’s always the lecture.  I made the mistake of telling my grandmother that I was going to wear my boots with my one day wedding dress.  Apparently, that’s goush? French for tasteless…. whatever. I really don’t care what anyone says….it’s my day, my money, and my decision.  I’ll wear boots if I want.  I guess if it would make them happy I’ll change into other shoes during the garter toss or whatever so they don’t have to see them, but I’m not wearing heels, I’m not wearing white shoes.  It’s stupid.  They’ll either be boots or end up being blue.

So, anyway, tomorrow is our Early Thanksgiving.  We’ll putting up the tree and giving our Christmas lists.  Allllright!  I guess that’s all: goodnight!


It’s COMIN! 11/20/2009

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Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus, Right Down Santa Claus Lane!

Here comes turkey, here comes turkey, right down turkey lane!

YES!!! 😀  I know I put up a Christmas list a few blogs ago, but really, to spread that out over several people isn’t enough.  I don’t know that I really want/need anything.  Weird.  I had this problem last year, too.  Really, mostly what I need is work clothes and cuter clothes to just wear around.  A lot of my regular t-shirts are starting to look a little ragity.  So, I guess that would be priority.

I really don’t have much else to say.  I have been really unbusy lately.  Oddly enough. lol

Ummmm school is out in 2 weeks.  Then after that, all we have are finals.  I’m really peeved because apparently my music teacher has been taking attendance.  That sucks.  A LOT!  I can’t believe a teacher would fail a student just based on attendance.  What about their test grades!??!!?!?  WHAT!?  I could make all a’s on my tests and still fail.  I honestly may not do very well in that class solely because of attendance.  This is SO freakin ridiculous.  Whatever.  I guess I’ll just do what I can.  I’ll make sure I have good grades in my other classes, I guess.

I’m just ready for Winter break.  COMPLETELY READY!!!


ANGEL TREE! 11/13/2009

ohhhh! Yesterday was so much fun!  Garrison and I were at lunch at Candle Light Inn and he asked what I wanted to do, and I named off a ton of options and then I said we could go pick up an angel from Six Flags and then go shopping for our little angel! 🙂  He agreed and then we went to Six Flags.  The mean ol security guard wouldn’t let him go to the ADMIN building with me so I had to pick the angel myself.  OH well.  Garrison said he wanted a boy, so I went in and looked over all the tree and I was quite disappointed in what I saw.  Probably 75% of the angels I saw wanted an MP3 player… Really?!  You can’t be THAT poor if you’re asking for an MP3 player!  That requires a computer and music and obviously a computer with updated software that’s compatible with the MP3 player…. Anyway, I skipped over all of those and found a little boy that was 7 years old and wanted a FIRE TRUCK! And he needed a coat!  That’s what I’m talking about!  So, off we went to Target to shop for this kiddo that was simple!  So, first we started in the dollar section and we found some gloves and a hat for a buck each! yeah!  In the beginning, we decided we were each going to spend $30, and that Garrison would purchase all the toys and I would get the clothes.  Off we went to the toy section.  We had to get the Fire Truck first.  We found a cute, large, Tonka fire truck that came with a fireman for only $10!  That left 20 more bucks to spend on toys!  Garrison was headstrong on getting him cars.  So, he picked out a set of 10 cars for $10.  Then, he got him a bat and ball.  The bat was for grown up kids, but still soft and with a soft ball.  Next, we got clothes.  Since he asked for a coat, that was our obvious first stop.  We didn’t know what KIND of coat he needed so we get the biggest one they had! hahaha!  He’s really nice and fluffy and has fleece in the hood and sleeves. It was $20, that meant I only had about 8 bucks left! (the hat and gloves were 2…) I was really disappointed, but I picked out a pair of jeans for $9.  It was only a dollar more, so it was ok.  Then Garrison said let’s go look at the Christmas stuff!  So, I found 15 ft of garland for 1 buck! So, I got 2.  I needed to decorate my dorm room! I felt bad, though, because I only got the little boy a couple of things.  So, I told Garrison I was going to spend his Christmas money on the little boy (of course, he didn’t care) and I ended up buying him shirt.  So, all in all, we spent about $80.  hahahaha!  But I don’t feel bad for spending more than I was going to… I feel good, actually!  I guess that was my good deed of the season.


I also had to purchase an unwrapped toy so that when we go to Schlitterbahn I can get in for free.  I guess I’m all about charity this year! hahaha!

Last night was Club A-Hall.  Our Hall Council put it on.  It was from 8-12.  It was SOOOOO dead until about 10ish, when we had a line about 20 feet long!!  WOW!  I was slightly disappointed though because there was only one race there… and there was only one genre of music played.  It was cool though, people enjoyed it, and that’s all that matters, I guess.  I hope next year, if they do it, they can attract all kinds of races and have a more diverse thing.  Well, I mostly likely won’t be a part of it next year anyway.

Approximately 205 people showed up so that’s really good.  We had some really tasty drinks even though there was a HUGE mess made…oh well.  It all got cleaned up.  Well, that’s all I have for today!



Inventory 11/11/2009

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Today and Monday I am working at the Seis Banderos for Retail doing inventory.   I hope I’m only doing something similar to what I did Monday.

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately I have been uninspired, I guess!


BUT! I have stuff to talk about now!  Kasey Bob is a NAVY man now!  AN ENGAGED NAVY MAN!  I am so proud of him!  And I am so happy (though slightly jealous, too) for him and Kristen (123)!  They’re too cute together.  I have to admit, in the beginning, I didn’t like her because I’m a protective, territorial family member, but now that I see them together I can’t NOT like her!  She’s so cute!  They’re so cute!  I am so excited for them!  They’re going to get married probably right after Christmas!  They said I can take some engagement portraits so I am really pumped about that! 😀  YAY!  I’m excited!

Well, I gotta finish my mac n cheese and then leave to go to work.

Then picking my mommy up from work, then coming back to school for an exec board cook out and then a stress talk thing in the Great Room and then a sex ed talk thing… that one will be interesting.


Not in the mood 11/09/2009

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I haven’t really been in the mood to blog. So, that’s all I got.